Most commonly asked Questions for Remote Frontend Developers job (with answers)

The interviews for Frontend positions are technically easy, but the questions can be tricky sometimes. We have tried to cover one of the most common and the trickiest questions asked during Frontend Developer interviews.

  • What skills are required for a front end developer?

    Skillset required from a Front end Developer listed below: Technical frontend developer skills HTML and HTML5 JavaScript and JQuery Responsive Design Testing Creativity Version Control Systems and other developer tools CSS3 These are the basic skills that every frontend developer should have but there are also some frameworks that are being used nowadays. For example: ReactJs, VueJs, Angular. Knowing any one of these will give you an edge over other candidates.

  • How do you improve website performance?

    Minimize External HTTP Requests Minify JS, CSS and HTML Optimize JS and CSS Performance Use CDN and Caching to increase Speed Compress Images and Files Prefetch should be Enable

  • What are three ways to reduce page load time?

    There are many things responsible for reducing page load time. We will tell you the best 4 ways to reduce it’s loading time:

    • Image Optimization: Always scale your pics or videos before uploading them to a page.
    • Browser Cache: The use of cache will increase speed for pages that you have already visited.
    • Compress and Optimize Content: Compressing the content of a website reduces page load time to a great extent.
    • StyleSheet Reference on Top: Putting stylesheet reference to the header of a document helps your page to load faster
  • What is callback function in Javascript?

    A callback function is a function which is accessible by another function and invoked after the first function if that first function is completed.

  • How would you optimize a website's assets resources?

    Website’s assets resources are images, styles, scripts, and also external media. To optimize these assets you can opt following ways-

    • Make all assets lightweight so that it's easy to download
    • The use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps to optimize assets
    • While hosting assets on different domains make sure to reduce DNS lookups.
    • Use of CSS Sprites.
    • Disable etags.
  • What is the difference between null and undefined?

    It can be assigned to a variable and has no value in case of null but on the other hand undefined means a variable has been declared but has not yet been assigned a value.

  • What is Coffee Script?

    CoffeeScript is a little programming language that compiles into JavaScript. It is an attempt to use the best parts of Javascript in a simple way. It also helps developers to write JavaScript code better by presenting the user with a more consistent syntax and skirting the unusual nature of JavaScript language.

  • How do you structure your source code to make it easy for use by your colleagues?

    A front-end developer needs to use common standards and explain their use of code organization and comments. They need to explain how they use notes in their programming process to explain the steps they have taken, thus ensuring efficiency of understanding amongst collaborators.

  • How do you deal with browser-specific style incompatibility?

    There are multiple ways to work around this. The simplest way to proceed would be to utilize a conditional statement in the head tag of your HTML. In this way, you can recognize the browser and load an external stylesheet.


    With this question, companies are both looking to see what equipment they might need to provide you with and checking on how aware you are about what working remotely might mean for you physically and logistically.

Getting a remote job can be hard sometimes. Use this list as a reference, after doing your research on the basic questions asked in an interview for Frontend Developers. If you are looking for a job in Software domain, we recommend subscribing to the Growremotely's Newsletter and stay updated about jobs posted every week.